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Quad City Times Column: We must end the opioid epidemic

For nearly two years, we have been watching closely as the world continues to count COVID-19 case numbers and deaths. Across Iowa, Illinois, the country, and the globe, all eyes have turned to the health crisis we are collectively facing. Perhaps a hidden strength here is that at least we all understand the stakes, and people from different communities can relate to one another as we work to find solutions that can help us win the fight.

I see parallels here to the opioid epidemic. While not a contagious virus, addiction continues to impact every community in the United States regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, and so on. There are many approaches to combating the opioid crisis, and some will work better in certain areas than others. However, like with coronavirus, sharing education and resources can help a community take steps toward a healthier future...

Read the full piece here.

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